Should you be focused only on Virtual Tour photography? How to start a business?

Hi! Do you want to become a photographer, but you don’t know which type of photography you should choose? Virtual tour photography is an interesting niche, but is it possible to keep your business alive only by doing one type of photography? In this episode, I will try to answer these questions, and also as always, I will share my stories with you.

00:00 What kind of person am I?

02:11 My talent is to be stubborn

03:33 You don’t need to be a talented person too

04:10 Should you focus only on one type?

05:01 I faced reality – I didn’t have any clients

06:47 My first approaches to find clients

09:05 Visiting businesses in person

11:02 I wanted to expand range of services

01:13 Again I couldn’t sell my services

15:19 I realised I wasn’t good enough salesman

16:21 Building your network of connections

18:02 From restaurant to the Krispol company

19:58 For the first time I didn’t have to spend time on marketing

21:29 I wanted to learn marketing

22:05 In the beginning you can’t be fussy

22:58 My experience with shooting first wedding

24:00 Be honest with your client if you don’t feel confident

24:51 From Krispol company to MaxRoy marketing agency

26:32 Shooting portrait photos for MaxRoy agency

27:32 The first time is always the hardest

28:35 Shooting sanitary cabins

30:12 Shooting photos on marketing conferences

32:08 I learned how to improve my website

33:28 I changed my approach to the marketing

34:15 I was able to watch famous marketing experts

35:35 As I was taking photos, I focused on the lecturers

36:46 Today I am not able to promote all my websites

38:28 In the beginning take every possible work

39:06 It is worth trying different types of photography

41:56 Did anybody reach that point?


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